​​​Mid Mon Valley Cultural Trust

​​Andrew Corfont-Amateur Photographer

​Andrew Corfont is an amateur photographer, he started taking photos at a very early age, saving his money and buying his first 35 mm camera at the age of 13.  His passion is nature, local community events and architectural photographs. He has won numerous awards for his works including best of show.  He is the marketing director for Community Bank and honored to be judging the photography competition. 

​J. Frank Jaworowski-Amateur Photographer
 Photography has been an integral part of J Frank Jaworowski’s life since the 1960s. Trained as a journalist at Ohio State University, including photojournalism, he pursued a career as a managing editor of small daily community newspapers, including the Valley Independent. 

Over the years, photography has served Frank as a creative outlet - a journey of observation and discovery. His photographic education has included workshops and vast reading about photographic techniques and the history of photography.  

He is a believer in the philosophy of Brooks Jensen that “Photography is more than mere craft.   It is, or can be, a way of life.”

David Sparks  is a professional artist and entrepreneur returned to southwestern PA after several years on the west coast.  He has an Associate degree from the Art Institute Pittsburgh, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from California University of Pennsylvania and an Advanced Degree in Web Design and Administration form CCAC. 

 His background includes serving as the Arts Program Director at the Charleroi Art & History Center, now SwiftWaters Arts Network, producing quality regional exhibits, teaching art classes to young and old alike and has been working in the art field professionally since 1968.  He worked for five years as Director of Technology at the Art Institute of Seattle and built their digital photography program and taught senior level photo and design classes.  His design work and Web work includes Microsoft, Classmates, Boeing, Disney, Warner Brothers, Vaurnet, Body Glove and Mossimo.  His work has been shown in several juried and invitational exhibitions throughout the region, including the Carnegie Museum of Art, The Warhol Museum and Westmoreland Nationals as well as several galleries. 

 Studying photography since art school, what began as a means to create studies for prints and paintings for himself has now become an artistic pursuit.  He currently uses digital camera and digital production exclusively using a traditional photographic process and prints what he shoots through the lens. Most of his design and illustration is done through Adobe Creative Suite and he often uses his photographic images to create a “digital painting” and admits his artistic vision has been strongly influenced by Man Ray, Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams, Maxfield Parrish, Jackson, Pollock and Bob Peak for the initial conception of his work. 

 David is presently a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, The Pittsburgh 10+ and Greensburg Art Center, and has served as a past member and Board member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and currently works as a consultant and provides Web Design and technical service to small non-profits, especially arts organizations. 


JUDGES for 2018 Photography Category